Thursday, September 17, 2009

CSN Stores review

I had the awesome opportunity to try out two thing from CSN Stores and I must say there are a million more thing I want from their stores. The first thing we got was this adorable blanket that my youngest daughter loves and my 3 year old like to steal from sister because it is so soft and beautiful. I love the green and black colors and the elegant design. This would make a awesome baby present for a boy or girl! It definitely is a favorite in our house. I think I'm gonna have to get my other daughter one too now ha ha.

The second thing I got was for my photography. It was this beautiful rug! I love love love the colors. I can use it with my white or black backdrops. It is a heavy rug too made from leather strips. So it is very durable! This rug is a art piece by itself really it is! The best part it is really made good. It could be used for a inside or outside rug. I have had lots of compliments on how gorgeous it is and I think so too. My thing is now do I really want to just use it for my photography only ha ha!
CSN Stores are very reasonably price which really shocked me! I can find anything and everything I need, want and dream of there. Hmm maybe hints to hubby for Christmas even ha ha. so check them out they are sure to have something you ll be wanting and need.


Aimee said...

That first blanket you showed is gorgeous!!


Tiffany said...

I love their stuff & prices.