Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I hate the cold and i definitely hate sick kids

Ok so last week we were in the 80s and today lucky to be in the 50's WTH! Tons of rain and wind to top it all off. Yuck! I mean I am glad its not snow but this is telling the snow is coming sooner then I want! I want sunshine and 80 & 90 degree weather all year round. I am sure living in the wrong state for that.

Next My 3 year old had the 24 hour stomach bug monday into tuesday so I was cleaniong up throw up for those two day and I hate throw up. I can deal with poop, blood, what ever just not throw up. Ewww and it is so hard to get the smell out of the house. Now this morning at 2 am my 1 year old woke up puking every where and has now puked 4 to 5 times since then . So more cleaning and laundry. So you figure the two youngest got it just wait and the other 4 will get it a few days apart so it will never end. Why cant they all get sick at once get it over with and be done. I am gonna pump up on my vitamins because my luck Ill get it and Ill have to take care of the kids on top of it plus soccer on sat and a car show and photo shoot. No time for being sick!

I swear a moms job is never done! I spent 2 days cleaning the whole house on thursday and friday now after i wait for the sickness to be gone out of the house Ill have to clean again.

When was Moms Night out again???????

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Liz Mays said...

It really does go one after the other, doesn't it? Then by the time the last one is done, the first one starts over with something else.