Monday, October 5, 2009

Strider bike review

My kids love riding anything and everything outside. We have scooters, skateboard, bikes with and without training wheels, trikes and push cars. Some the kids love to ride and others are a one time ride and never touched again. It is so hard to find a good bike that will outlast my kids and teach them skills plus keep their interest. www.stridersports.com

When we heard of Strider Sports bike it intrigued us into seeing how it worked and if it would be something my kids love. The thought of no pedal or training wheel made me a little ifee. When my kids seen it they thought the same thing "wheres the pedals???"

When we received it it was so light I thought it was missing pieces lol. It was really simple to put together.We had it together in about 5 minutes. I like the hard tires which meant no flats awesome that definitely is a plus for me. Another plus was the weight being so light my kids could easily take it in and out of the deck with out help.

I loved the idea behind the thought of no pedals to have to figure out and it was simply a push bike just no training wheels. It says age range from 1 to 5 but my 18 month old loved to sit on it but there was no way she could handle this bike for a long while. My 3 year old tried it but didn't like that it kept falling over. She didn't quite get the concept that she had to push kind of fast and put her feet up to coast then feet down to not fall. Maybe after lots of practice? My just turned 5 year old is the one we mainly gave it to and she was excited to have a new bike but she doesn't quite have it figured out either. My 7 year old is the one that rides it most but even she says it is hard but she keeps practicing and is getting better. My oldest daughter likes it she like going to a top of a hill putting her feet up and coasting down. I think after lots of practice and skill learning this will be a fun bike for now they are still trying so that's a good thing right?

Strider Running bikes are great learning bikes. two and three year olds instinctively know how to throw a leg over to get on and go. 4 and 5 year olds have a blast running, racing, jumping, and doing tricks. Not only is it great exercise, it teaches steering, balance, and coordination which my kids needs lol. When its time for a big kid bike there wont be any need for training wheels. So to check out these cool bike go to www.stridersports.com

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