Friday, October 2, 2009

Wow Today is Friday and its gonna be a long day!

I love fridays it a fun day to get last stuff done, Its also room cleaning day in my house so typically it is the only day when the house is clean. I mean every friday I fight with kids when they get home to clean their rooms and bathrooms but after a few hours they are done and I vaccuum them and the rest of the house and sweep and The house looks great. I love a clean house!

This friday though I get to go pick the kids up in 15 minutes from school early to take all 6 of them to the dentist yay talk about a long appointment haha. then come home to do room cleaning and house cleaning, then leave to pick hubby up from work and come home make dinner give baths and to bed. then to top it off the kids have a 3 day weekend for professional development day! Really what the heck is that really ???? We have these like 20 times a year. I dont remember all these days off and then the following week they get get a 4 day weekend for fall break then come thanksgiving break and christmas break. What happened to school??

Any ways Have a awesome Friday and a great weekends I got lots of plans tomorrow and I am excited so see you monday!

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