Saturday, January 30, 2010

Golden Moon Teas review

So I mention in a previous post that I was getting a change to try out Golden Moon Teas. I love teas on a cold evening. Best of all I loved herbal and flavored teas. I had a hard time choosing which teas I was going to try with their huge selection of teas and they all sounded so good. Eventually I did and this is what I chose: Tippy Earl Grey, Vanilla Jasmine, Sugar Caramel Oolong, Coconut Pouchong and White Licorice. I think I pick some great ones to try.

So when they got to my house I found out they were looses teas and I didn't have the tea seaper or anything so I finally figure out a way to try them. I used a coffee filter and a twisty tie and made my own tea bag. Ha ha I know not the best way but hey it worked.

The first tea I tried was the traditional Tippy Earl Grey. It was a great tea, very robust and perfect for a breakfast tea. It was a perfect blend and tasted great. If you like simple black tea you will love the Tippy Earl Grey tea!

The next one I tried was the Vanilla Jasmine. At first I was sure if I would like it especially if it was to floral tasting but it wasn't. It had a great vanilla taste to it and tasted like a normal tea. I really enjoy this one cold. Definitely gonna be a favorite iced tea for me and my kids in the summer. I loved that it was a green tea which is my favorite kind of tea. Green tea is so good for you.

Next up was the Sugar Carmel Oolong. This one was a sweet green tea with great flavor and smell. This is a very mellow tea for people , like my mom, that have weak stomachs to certain teas and coffees. Definitely a great tea to curl up with and read a book.

Next was my all time favorite of all the teas Coconut Pouchong tea. MMM I love coconut and this tea was delightful. The smell of coconut was heavenly. The taste of the coconut wasn't overpowering and was so yummy. This tea was also awarded Best tea of 2007 at the world tea expo and now I know why. I would vote for it to be the best tea of all time. It is a green tea and is so smooth and flavorful you will definitely fall in love with it. This one is great hot or iced. I am definitely going back for more of this one!!

Last was the White Licorice tea. I have always loved black licorice even as a child so this tea was right up my alley. This one is a white tea with a hint of Star Anise. It is a wonderful flavorful tea. A very light tea and great on the stomach. I had this one when I had a migraine and my tummy was upset and this settled it right down and calmed me. I absolutely adore the smell and the taste. Such a unique and perfect tea.

There is still SO many more tea I yet to try at Golden Moon Teas but as for now I definitely recommend you trying out there awesome teas. You will be pleasantly surprised with their selections and the taste and freshness of their teas. So head over and check them out!

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