Monday, January 18, 2010

Im still here

Sorry on the delayed posts I am really going to get more posts up. The kids have been off for 3 days now and driving me insane. If I had a laptop I would lock myself in the bathroom for a hour but I think after 10 minutes my mind would get to me wondering how bad the kids have trashed the house and I really dont feel like cleaning so ya I think I better go check on them haha. Yes I have cleaned house everyday from thurs to today and to me it is still trashed what the heck. Thank goodness school starts back tomorrow. The weather man is calling for rain and snow all week which really doesnt make me happy at all. Then to top it all off I have to take another medicine daily with my other medicines I take daily along with 2 tablespoons of this nasty syrup medicine 2 times a day and it is aweful. The 2 new medicines have giving me a terrible migrane since I started them over a week ago and I have been very nauseas. These medicines have gave me the whole all day morning sickness feeling and I dont like it. I wish it would hurry up and dissolve these darn stones so I can pass them and be done with it.

Well all the screaming and noise in my house has just turned to uddered silence so I take that as my que to get off the computer and go see now what else the little monsters ( I mean Angels) are getting into now and how many more mess I have to now clean up. So long for now but I WILL BE BACK!! Promise

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lfhpueblo said...

I'll start praying that those stones hurry up and dissolve for you too, so you can get off the medicines.
As a migraine sufferer myself, I have great empathy for you.
Glad your kids are getting back to school, so you'll have maybe a little more time for pampering yourself, or just resting.