Monday, January 25, 2010

Soft scrub is awesome!!!

Soft Scrub Captain Toolkit

So I got chosen to be a Soft Scrub Club Captain and boy was I excited! I get the chance to try new products before it is released to the public and give my feedback. That is awesome! With 6 kids 11 and under and a hubby my house needs alot of cleaning and alot of supplies to do this multiple times a week. So anything that makes that easier and cheaper for me is a blessing. Honestly I must say I have spent countless dollars and wasted alot of money on products that didn't work or that killed my lungs. Then when I would find products I liked they turn around and discontinue them. WTH!!

So when the first products arrived last week I was excited to see if this was gonna be one i would like or not. It was Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl Cleaner. It says well that is could do every job in the bathroom with this one cleaner. Hmmm we will see about that I thought. This was perfect timing too. I have been slacking in the bathroom area lately. So all 3 bathroom were pretty gross. Well what better way to see if this worked then trying it on a very dirty bathroom. Right?

So Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl Cleaner has two ways of working. First you can close the flap on the nozzle for a foam spray for like the tubs and toilets and you can flip it over and hold it upside down and spray under the toilet rim and it continues to work, by the way that is a one of a kind feature I haven't seen on any other product ever. The second way is to flip the flap open and it spray a mist over areas, like for counters, floors and mirrors.

I first did my bathroom. Yuck I must say since my hubby shaves in the sink there is always hair all over the sink and shaving cream, such a slob. The mirrors are always water spotted. The tub is always filthy greasy and dirty and hairy and don't get me started on the tile floors ewwww! I first used the foam spray to spray the tub toilet and sink and while that soaked I sprayed the counters and top of toilet. The counters wiped clean with ease and looked squeaky clean. The toilet I was able to scrub and get off all the stains and bring back its white shine. I loved that. The tub was what I thought my trouble area was going to be. Ha ha was I wrong. I easily wiped all the filth from the tub with no elbow grease or scrubbing. The tub was sparkling white and all the spickets on the tub and sink were sparkling chrome and I could see my face in them.

The last two things I used it for was the mirror and I used the spray for this and then I wiped off with a hand towel and no streaks, just shine. That is awesome! Then I swept the floor and then sprayed a fine layer of the cleaner over the floor and wiped up with a rag and it cleaned up the dirt, grime, and residue perfectly. This really is a all in one product. I was excited about doing the other two bathrooms after seeing what it did to my bathroom. I cleaned all three bathrooms in less then 30 minutes and they were all sparkling clean and smelled awesome. I love this stuff. I cant wait to buy more and to try the kitchen kind too.

I think you will all love Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl Cleaner. Its a definitely must have for everyone. So keep a eye out for it in stores every where soon. http://www.softscrub.com/

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Skinny Minnie said...

I got an email that I got chosen as a captain too ! Although my smiles turned to frowns when my email address won't login to their system. I emailed them and they emailed back and said it was fixed now , but I still can't get in. Have you had any problems ? jtrophy at aol dot com