Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Be a crazy few days

Hope you understand I have been trying to post but its been crazy. Thursday was the 10 year anniversary to the lost of my baby Collyn. That still tears me up very much at the thought of it. I lost him during my 18th week of pregnancy and they had to do a D&C to remove him. I still have his ultrasounds and the cards people gave me when I lost him. I have the letter I wrote him everything. It was tough but he will always be remembered by me and my kids!Then the 3 day weekend with all 6 kids out of school. Definitely alot of camotion. To top that off it rained almost all weekend long and was freezing. My kids were all high on Valentines candy. It was definitely a challege on its own.

Then Valentines Day was the 6 year Anniversary from the Day my Husband proposed. I know most people dont think about that day but since it was on Valentines it will always be remembered by me. Valentines has always not been my favorite holiday because of Collyns death and all the drama I always endured with exs on that day. So My husband proposing to me on that day has made that day at least a little more pleasant. He knows what I feel on that day. Thank goodness its Tuesday and the kids are back at school and hubby is back at work and now life can get back on track well at least for one day lol. I start school tomorrow for Photography and I am beyond excited. I love taking peoples pictures and have loved it since I was a kids taken my nieces pictures. I remember doing their hair, dressing them up, posing them haha fun times. Yay for me but I promise to get more done around here. I am working on a new background and header just a new look. Well thats my week for ya how was yours???

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