Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby shower review Leave Me B

When I was pregnant I hate clothes shopping. One thing is I am buying clothes that I will wear a few months and then not again. That just seemed like a waste of money to me. Another thing was I hated maternity clothes. I wanted something cool and fashionable which I guess isn't in the maternity wardrobe designers vocabulary ha ha. I also liked things that voiced me and my humor and style. Even now when I am not pregnant clothes shopping is hard for me I am picky ha ha. Well until i found Leave Me B.
I love their shirts for maternity, women, dads, and kids. They bring a smile to my face. I love the cute witted sayings. I have a couple shirts from there and I even got my mom one from there. I have to admit they are my favorite shirts. My kids even like my tank top that says " Who are these kids and why are they calling me mom." They are like mom your a dork ha ha but there are days I am like I am not mom leave me alone for 5 minutes. Let me be the neighbor or the friend for a while ha ha or even just let me be the crazy lady that's needs a bubble bath for a few minutes in quiet. I love my kids but I love seeing the humor side of being a mom too. Its not all kisses and roses but dang if its not worth every second of it but mom do need a second. That's why Leave Me B clothing is fun and lightens up everyone that wears it and reads them.
Not only are Leave Me B clothing fun and cute they are great made too. I have had mine for months now and it still looks new. The quality is awesome. That why when I got some for my niece for her to wear for maternity shirts I knew they would also be worn after as well. They are tough and stylish we love them. I got a cute mommy and baby set for Sandra and Conner to match. The mom shirt says " they whine and I drink wine" and the baby shirt says "caution may whine at any time". Now if that doesn't fit my niece and soon to be great nephew then I don't know what does ha ha. The shirts are adorable and comfortable. They do run big but other than that they are awesome!
So if your looking for awesome baby shower presents for mommy, baby or even daddy to be's Leave Me B is the place to go. Your definitely bound to find something you will fall in love will and make you laugh. So head over and check them out you wont be sorry you did!

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