Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday blogging

So a new thing I want to do is blog yes not a review just blog about me, my kids, my complaints or whatever haha. So Lets see how this goes.

My Baby
So my baby turned 2 last week and she is growing up so fast. I am just realizing that now. We set up her own room two weeks ago and she loves it. She has a new toddler bed and has not fought about going to sleep in it at all she was completely ready for a big bed. She has been showing signs for potty training too. But honestly I dont know if it is that she is my last baby or that I am just lazy haha but I dont want to potty train yet. I dont even have the will power. All I can think about is the messes to clean up and all the time and stress to say go potty or stop playing in the toliet or sink. I know think about the diapers it will save and the money but really I dont want too.
Another thing I have procrastinated against was removing the bottle. All my other kids were off the bottle by 18 monthes and she is 2 and still on it. She does drink out of a cup great but she still pretty attached to her bottle. I tell myself its because of her food allergies. She doesnt get enough of her nutrients from the limited foods she eats so she still has Nutramigen Formula a couple times a day plus with her reflux I still have to add rice cereal to her formula or soy milk to thickening it up with doesnt do well in sippy cups. Lately though I really want to get rid of the bottle becuase she still wakes up anywhere from 1 to 5 times a night. I mean really she is 2 and I really need a real night sleep. Its been almost 4 years since I have gotten to sleep through the night with out getting woken up. Really its been that long!  I feel now taking away the bottle is my only other option. I tried her own room. I tried letting her cry. I tried sleep with her. I tried formula and feeding right before bed so she was full. She goes through 2 diaper changes at night and at least 2 to 4  8 oz bottles a night. I am not ready for the crying and the fits from taking it away though. I am gonna slowly take it away  and get it to where it is just at nap time and bedtime. for a little while then move to just bedtime and then gone for good. I know at my rate and hers it might take a month or two before its really gone but I am at my last leg I need to do something.
So what are something you slacked on with you baby. What did you take longer to stop then the others? What helped motivate you to do it finally? Any tips for me and getting my 2 year old to sleep through the night? I love her so much and I hate seeing her grow up so fast but I dont want reprecussions for not getting things done when they should have been done. What do you think?


♥Jennette♥ said...

Hi! My first daughter was dare i say 2.5 years old when we took it away. My second daughter was 2 and my son is now on bottles and is 21 months. Its really hard. My second daughter did the best. We packed them all up in a box and "tried" to make it fun. We let the mailman take them or so she thought. She cried and it was so hard. Unfortunately we replaced that with sippy cups at bed and now that she is 4 she still thinks she cannot live without a drink in bed.
My son is about to face this and i am again totally freaked out . In combination with that he is still in a crib. The poor guy is going to have rough next few months. No bottle or crib. If you have any thoughts on crib transition i would love to hear them. Have a great day. Will have to stop by more often:)

collyn23 said...

It is a hard thing to do they depended on the bottle for nutrient and quenching their thirt and comfort since birth so its hard. Plus most kids go to milk at 1 and my daughter is 2 and still on formula 75% of the time with infant cereal mixed in it makes it harder.

With the crib I think that is a great blog by itself I think next week I will blog about cribs. My daughter just went into her bed last wednesday so we are only a little over a week into it but she was climbing out of her crimb at 16 months so we left the sides down she already opens the door to come out and everything so she was ready. I think you know when they are ready but making it easier by keeping the bed in the same room and even in the same place as the crib and let them help set it up and pick it out. I give more tips in the blog post. Glad to have you reading my blog hope we can help each other more!