Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Blogging

So I had some people ask about transitioning from crib to a bed so I thought today i would blog about how I did this with my kids. I recently like 3 weeks ago just transitioned my last baby out of the drib and into a toddler bed and got rid of the crib for good. Now emotional that was hard. No more baby stuff in my house at all. The crib was the last well other than the bottle but thats a whole nother story lol.

My first one she went into a todddler bed on her first birthday. She was mature enough and so ready. The only problem I had with her is I used to hold her until she fell asleep then put her to bed. Yes I learn fast never to do that with any of the other kids. So not only was I getting her into a bed she could easily get out of and out of her room I was breaking her from falling asleep in my arms. It was tough but after about a week it got easier.
My son was 2 when he went from crib to bed. He didnt have a toddler bed though he went directly into a single size bed. The special part for him though is I got a wood frame from a garage sale and sanded it. and painted it dark blue and forest green. Then I got some wood plate like thing shape like sports stuff from the craft store and and painted them and nailed them to each corner of his bed frame. Then I stenciled and painted his name on the head board. He loved it and it was his special sports bed. He still has this bed today almost 8 years later but it can use some touch ups haha.

My 5 year old and 3 year old both went into a Elmo toddler bed around 2 as well. They were both big Elmo freaks so they were excited. Plus when they went into toddler beds they got moved into one of the rooms with their sisters. So they had someone to talk to and play with in their rooms. My 3 year old shares a room with my oldest who is 11. My 5 year old shares with my 7 year old. They were both really ready. Now they are in bunk beds. littles on bottoms and oldests on top. It opened up alot of room  in their rooms to clutter more toys in their rooms haha.

My Youngest she really was the easiest. She went into to her tinkerbell toddler bed on her 2nd birthday. She was really ready. She shared a room with me until  she went into the toddler bed. Now she has her own room. She began climbing out of her crib at 13 months. At 18 months I just started leaving the crib side down because it didnt matter if it was up or down it didnt stop her or slow her down from getting out. Also around 18 month she figured out how to open the doors. She you couldnt keep her in the room if you tried and she didnt like to sleep with me in my bed so ya she is a monkey that cant be trapped haha. We even bought the door knob guards to put on the inside of the bedroom door . You know the child saftey gaurds haha ya that was funny. It took little escape artist one day to figure those out and now she gets out just as fast if it wasnt on the door. She's one smart cookie! She loves her big girl bed though and wont share with anyone trust me I tried to lay in it and she grabbed me by the hair and dragged me out. SHEESSSHH!

My Tips for helping transition from crib to bed:
1. Make sure they are ready mentally

2. Make sure they are mature enough for the extra independance

3. Put the bed the same place and room as the crib was. It is liek a comfort thing. They reconize the place in the dark and dont feel like they are being thrown into a new scary place. Familiar surroundings are very important.

4. Let them help pick out the bed or help set it up. Make it special for them. Let them use the blankets and stuff from their crib and anpother familar surrounding. YOu could even let them pick out a new bed set for their new bed. Just let them feel like this is their choice and their special thing.

5. Make their new bed a fun thing not a forced thing. Liek I play like I say bedtime and she says no I say fine I am gonna get in my big girl bed. Then I run slowly to her room and climb into her bed and pull the covers on. She follows me laughing and screaming at me to get out of her bed and pulls me out. I make going to bed a game then when she gets in and curls up under her covers I read her favorite book and tell her goodnight, love ya and give her kisses and say she you in the morning and shut the door. This leads into my last tip.

6. Routines!!! Have a regular bedtime routine and stick to it every night. I mean this it really does work.  Our routine is to get clothes out for tomorrow. Brush teeth. Get into bed. Bed time story. and then I love you and see you in the morning. I do this every single night with all 6 kids. Same bedtime every night and the kids know what to do and how to do it and  thats that.

So I hope these tips help they worked for my 6 kids and I hope they help you. If you have any more helpful tips let us know. We would love to hear them or your bedtime routines. What worked for you kids and what ages were they when they did this transition?


Sarah Osborne said...

That bed sounds so cute! How creative of you to paint the head board!

Moriah said...

found you through MBC and now following :)