Sunday, January 2, 2011

My 2010 in photos- Reflections, Life, and Love

So this is a special New year post for me because
1. I love pictures. Looking at them, taking them, saving them and etc.
2. It represent my life in 2010.
3. It my family, my love and my memories.
So here is my 2010 memories in photos.

Our New Year's Celebration Destiny brought in 2010 with a bang and lots of noise lol!
Grace playing out in the snow In Feb. 2010. Its not often we play in snow it's too cold lol!
My Baby girl Destiny Faith Lynn Jensen Turn 2 March 18th, 2010 with a Pink Harley Davidson Party!
April means Easter which means Egg Hunts. My 3 littlest looking at all the eggs eyeing up which ones to grab!
This is a picture of my mom's 65th Bday May 21st, 2010. May is Mother's day this represent all that to me!
June 29th 2010 my Gracie Baby turned 4 with her Unicorn and Thomas party. She is growing up too fast!
My favorite July 4th picture! Also my daughter Hannah turned 8 on July 23rd 2010! Such a fun month!
 August was a hot month but the kids enjoyed visiting their Aunt Kimmy and playing at the water park!
September was a big for Brealyne she turned 6 Sept. 24th 2010 and she started Kindergarten that month!
October my oldest turned 12 on Oct. 23rd 2010 a week later it was Halloween. Whats funner then dressing up?
Nov. is huge. I turned the big 30 on Nov. 16th 2010. My son turned 10 Nov. 30th 2010 and Thanksgiving. Definitely a thankful month!
 December is a Family month for me. Its my favorite month of the year with Nov. coming in second. I love Christmas and family get togethers. December is the last month of the year and you start to realize how fast the year went by and all the wonderful memories you made.

So 2010 is over and we are moving on and putting the past behind us as we journey into the next year and see what this new beginning has in store for us. So here's to a Awesome and even better 2011!

I would love to see your 2010 timeline if you do a post please share it with us so we can see your wonderful memories!


~Shari said...

Love the year in photos. Perfect ending to 2010.

Blessing for the New Year!

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