Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pringles are not just for snacking they make great recipe ingredients too!

Now if your like me always looking for great new recipes to try and looking for ones that have some ingredients you usually always have in the house then I got some great ones for you. Now I know you all heard of Pringles and how yummy they are. Now there are other ways to use them other then just as chips and I am going to share some with you.

The first one is
Crispy Fish Nuggets
The one is awesome! I tried it with the Salt & Vinegar, the original, and the sour cream and onion and I loved them all. I also do the same recipe with Chicken to make fried chicken or chicken nuggets and they are awesome! It is so easy and tasty and a great way to use chips!

The next recipe I tried was
Loaded Twice Baked Taters Appetizers
This was like the Tater skins you get at the restaurants. It was crispy with a yummy flavorful potato and soft center. This one I will use alot for parties and get togethers. It was delicious and easy and a hit at our house!

The last one was the weirdest one but the best honestly.
Pringles Brownies
Yes I know Pringles in brownies umm I don't know about that! Well I am the type of person I will try everything once and so I did and well I was shocked! It was wonderful! It was tasty, chocolaty and awesome. You couldn't tell there was Pringles even in it. It was a little thicker consistence but other than that they were one of the best homemade brownies I have ever had! My family and friends loved them! I will be using this recipe again as well!

So if you like new recipes I would recommend you trying these they are awesome! I also recommend you don't under estimate Pringles and their usefulness because I use them alot for all kinds of things and there are so many flavors to choose from!

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