Friday, May 13, 2011

The ZhuZhu Royal Wedding Party!

My kids are in love with everything Zhu Zhu and Kong Zhu. We have so many and they play with them for hours. Thanks to MomSelect we got the newest collection of Zhu Zhu pets the new Zhu Zhu Princess Royal party set. We got Princess Snowcup and Prince Dashington. We also got 3 outfits and the Magical Princess Carriage. Also the Magical Princess Castle and Magical Crystal Ballroom. My girls were in heaven with all the princess stuff.

My girls spend hours dressing them up and preparing for their royal wedding party with their neighborhood friends. We made yummy cupcakes and some lemonade. They set up the carriage and castle and ballroom and had it ready and had their friends bring their Zhu Zhu pets and had fun for about 3 hours until their friends had to go home. All the kids enjoy it and they love the cute sounds and music the Hamsters make. They loved watching the prince and princess dance around in circles to music in the ballroom. I could pull the kids away from it. They have played with their friends many times since. this is a definitely hit with all the girls in my neighborhood.

If you haven't heard of Zhu Zhu Pets you have to check them out and if you have heard of them and you kids love them as much as mine you have to stock up on the new Princess line. They are adorable and fun and will keep your kids busy for hours!

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