Monday, June 13, 2011

Fun Easy Craft Idea for your kids to make for Father's Day

5 Things About My Dad: A Father’s Day Craft Idea

My friend pointed out to me the other day that the way the school calendar falls, teachers always help kids with art projects and gifts for Mother’s Day in May, but are rarely focused on Father’s Day projects by the time June’s end-of-the-year days roll in. Alas, it is up to Moms to make sure that Dads are properly honored on Father’s Day.

Lucky Dads, I say! Moms rock at so many things—and helping kids with great Father’s Day gifts is no exception. Here is a project idea we’ve been working on in our house. It’s actually based on a Mother’s Day gift—yes, one that a school teacher orchestrated—that was a favorite years ago and is easily applicable to Dads:

Materials Needed:
  • Colored construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pens or washable markers
  1. Have your child think of a hobby, sport, or interest that suits their Dad. Encourage your child to use the construction paper, scissors, and glue stick to create something that represents his hobby. My husband likes Formula One racing, so my daughter chose to make a picture of a race car for her gift project.
  2. Next, ask your child to think of several adjectives that describe their Dad. (Hey, you get an English lesson in here too—bonus!)
  3. Have your child neatly print each adjective on a section of their paper creation. For example, my daughter wrote words such as Athletic, Funny, and Fixes Broken Things on the car windshield, front tire, and back bumper. One of her friends’ father likes all kinds of sports, so she made a baseball, a bat, a football, and a helmet and added adjectives to each.
New neck ties come in and out of fashion, but this moment-in-time snapshot of the words your child thinks of when asked to describe his Dad is a gift that will keep on giving.

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