Monday, June 20, 2011

J&D's newest products review

We love BBQ's and cooking. I love seasonings when I cook on my meats, potatoes, eggs, well honestly everything I make I use seasonings lol. So when we had the awesome opportunity to try out J&D's newest products Bacon Rub and Ketchup salt you bet we had to try them.
The Bacon rub was awesome on our steaks, chicken, and pork chops. We even used them on our ribs and meatloaf. It is delicious! It gives it a slight smoky taste with the yummy taste of bacon and really who doesn't love bacon. We cant get enough of this!
The ketchup salt was interesting. My kids love ketchup with everything so this was great for fries, potatoes, eggs, meatloaf and more. It is salt so you don't need alot but it gives a yummy ketchup flavoring. I mixed this into my homemade chicken nugget breading mix and then breaded my chicken with it and it was awesome! Really you needed no sauce for these chicken nuggets they were that flavorful. This was a definite must have too.
If you never tried J&D products you should. They have many different products and all that I have tried are absolutely yummy. So head over and check out all they have to offer and try their newest stuff too. You will be glad you did especially for BBQ season!

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