Monday, July 25, 2011

Gomu the new erasers you trade and collect

My kids are really into things they can save, collect and trade with friends from yugio cards, Bella Sara cards, bakugans and more. So when they heard about 's they had to have them lol. I never heard of them before my review but my kids knew actually what they were.

Product Info:
Gomu is the collectible eraser that is bursting with fun! With over a 100 different Gomu to collect, from pets, gadgets, music and the zoo, there is a Gomu for whatever you’re into. Discover ultra-rare Gomu’s with a surprise in every pack and take them apart to mix and match for your own unique characters. Get in the Gomu spirit and bring them to school for trading and swapping with friends. You can also discover how rare your Gomu is using G-Points. Collect and swap to maximize your total Gomu value. Each time you open a Gomu you have the chance to find 1 of the Ultra rare Gold or Silver Key erasers. Gomu is the coolest collectible around! Age: 6+

Our Opinion:
We received a few packs to try them out and my kids were in heaven with their new eraser pals lol. I gave them each a pack and watched them open them and find out what their secret Gumos were. then the older ones check out how much each one was worth on the point system so they could trade to get the highest point ones. The younger ones didn't care about the points they traded for the cutest ones haha. They sat for a good hour trading between them. The next day they were finding kids in the neighborhood to show them to and having them go buy some to trade. Now it is a neighborhood daily trade sale haha. I know when school starts back they will be trading them and having fun with friends with them. My kids have really enjoyed them.
They are small so definitely not a little kid toy or someone who puts things in their mouth alot. Plus watch family pets our cat thought they would be a fun toy as well but my kids stopped that fast haha. I think trading toys like Gomu's are a great fun toy to get kids interacting with others and learning the barding system. You bet these will be a Christmas favorite toy as well! So if you haven't checked these out you definitely should your kids will love them!

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