Thursday, July 28, 2011

Save your Bum with Kooli

Summer is now full blown and people everywhere are cooling off in the pool and laying beside the pool. I love swimming and tanning so you bet we are always playing in the water. The thing is I just had to buy everyone new swim suits because the sidewalk and pool desk really do a number on the bums of the swim suits making them fray and frizzy and yucky looking. So when I was asked to review a Kooli you bet after buying swim suits I said yes lol.
What is Kooli you ask? Well Kooli is a cushioned mat that has been stylishly designed to prevent swimsuit snagging and provide comfort while sitting poolside and in other locations where swimsuits are commonly worn. It also protects you and your kids from hot and often rough pool deck surfaces. Kooli is washable, waterproof, slip proof, resistant to chlorine, sand and other similar abrasive surfaces.

We have loved using our Kooli. It is alot easier and more comfortable to use than a towel. I love that it is light and rolls up easily to take with us where ever we go to swim. Plus it is a great size that even I fit on it with plenty of room. I am so glad it is saving their swim suits and that saves me money. I am also glad it saves their little bums from getting burnt on the ground. Who would of known something so simple could be so helpful, handy and easy? We love it!
So if you spend alot of time outside sitting by the pool in a swimsuit you have to check out Kooli. They are reasonable and come in all different colors to fit your liking. I even have a awesome special deal just for you. Check out the button below Buy 1 get 1 free so 2 for the price of 1 that is awesome!

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