Wednesday, August 24, 2011

GNC's Phenom Coconut

With me and my husband trying to get healthier by losing weight, dieting and working out I know it is crucial for us to get enough fluids, vitamins, and electrolytes to withstand everything. So both me and my husband have started daily multivitamins and try increasing our water intake. I also make sure we are eating plenty of vitamin rich foods. I definitely can tell when we don't have enough fluids and vitamins because we get very sluggish, tired and yucky feeling. About 2 weeks ago I came across Phenom at GNC. I go to GNC alot to get protein powders and vitamins and such so I love looking around for new things. When I looked at Phenom I immediately started reading it over and seeing the good about it. I wanted to try it lucky I got that chance and got to review 3 flavors of the Phenom. I was so excited!

When they arrived I immediately wanted to try one. BIG Mistake. Warm Phenom not the greatest first impression haha. So I put them in the fridge to get nice and icy cold. Me and my hubby do our workouts at night since that is the only time we find to do it after kids go to bed and such. After our workout I thought perfect time to try it. My hubby took the Pineapple punch and I just grab the original. We are both coconut lovers so it sounded totally yummy. My hubby loved the pineapple punch. Very refreshing with the taste of pineapple and the hint of coconut. The original was a little more bland more water like with the hint of coconut taste to me. It tasted alot better cold haha. It definitely quenched my thirst and left me feeling hydrated. The other flavor I got was the Blueberry Pomme. It was one of my favorites. I love blueberry pomegranate so this was perfect. I love adding these to my protein shakes and smoothies instead of milk or plain water. This is definitely a acquired taste and isn't for everyone. Its definitely not sweet so if you are looking for something sweet and juice like this is not it!

So What is Phenom? Phenom is the only real coconut water that is enhanced with electrolytes and vitamins to support overall health and well being and helps for rapid replenishment from the electrolytes for a active body. It is 100%  pure coconut water. They contain very low calories at 45 calories which is awesome! No fat or cholesterol and very high in Potassium and only 7g of sugars. So pretty healthy. So next time your at GNC you definitely should check out Phenom.

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