Friday, August 19, 2011

NONNI’S BISCOTTI review mmmm yummy

Ever since I was a kid I never ate huge meals or alot of junk food. I was always more of a snacker and still am. Its hard for me to sit down and eat a big meal. Really my plates are about as big as my kids plates and then I am full. My only guilty pleasure though is I love treats from time to time. No not cakes and pies and donuts. I mean I like those from time to time but not much. I love like chips or cookies or gummy candies. I try not to eat many still and I look for healthier options. Like I am a Swedish fish aholic and red vines both Fat Free candies. But my new favorite treat is Nonni's Biscottis mm mm yummy.
What are  Nonni's Biscottis? They are like little strips of cookies some with chocolate n the bottom and some not. They are so delicious. So your think these are going to be so bad for me and my dieting. Ha ha nope! The regular Biscottis are around 100 calories and 4g of fat and only 9g of sugar depending on the flavors. Now  Nonni's is introducing a mini-version of Nonni’s Biscotti with a delectable new line, Biscotti Bites a 40 calorie bite that is suitable for snacking, sharing or an on-the-go treat. That is awesome for us that are trying to shed a few pounds but finding it hard to cut all the sweet treats from our diet.
So how do they taste? Oh do you even have to ask? They are heavenly. So yummy. They are crispy, flavorful, sweet but not too sweet and delicious. Best part is the Biscotti Bites come in yummy flavors like Almond Dark Chocolate, Caramel Milk Chocolate and Classic Almond so suit everyone's favorites! The original Biscottis have yummy flavors like Caramel Latte, Cioccolati biscotti, Decadence Biscotti, Limone, Originali, Toffee Almond, Triple Milk Chocolate, and Turtle Pecan. Decadence is my favorite and the Caramel milk chocolate. They are so good you will have to hind them from yourself and others or they will be gone as fast as you open them trust me lol.
So if you haven't tried Nonni's Biscottis you definitely should. You will love them. Also check out their Facebook page for more new products and they are giving away daily prizes and weekly prizes too so head over and check that out too.

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