Monday, August 29, 2011

Nutrisystem Nation- Week 3

So its that time again for my weekly post about my Nutrisystem weight loss journey. Today marks my 3 weeks on the system. This week was a total bust for me. With kids back at school and having a million things to do and tons of running around I so broke the diet and exercise regimen this week. I total can kick myself in the butt for messing up this week but it gives me strength and motivation to do better from now on.
I did find out this week I really don't like the pasta Nutrisystem meals like raviolis, stuffed shells, Chicken pasta Parmesan and anything like those. I am very picky when it comes to pastas so it was hard for me. I did love the Italian Flat bread pizza was beyond awesome with a side salad mmm my favorite. I could it that all day every day. I think my biggest challenge is the carb foods though. I love rice, peas, breads, corn and sweet potatoes. Its hard for me to give those up!

I also really failed my exercised program this week also. I only exercise about 25 minutes 3 times this week. I really feel awful for messing up so bad this week. I think with all 5 of my kids in school this week and I also start college today and me beating myself up about last weeks downfall I think I will stick to my regimen this week and from now on! This weeks goal is to exercise more and stick to the diet 100%.

Results so far
Starting 130lbs
week 1 128lbs loss of 2lbs
week 2 126lbs loss of 2lbs
week 3 127lbs gain of 1lb still down 3lbs overall

Overall still lost 3 lbs overall in 3 weeks and I am proud of that but I know I can do better than that. I am not giving up. This just makes me want to work harder this week!

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