Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pillsbury Sweet Moments yummy!

I love food. I know that is probably bad to say but not like I over eat or anything like that but I love different foods and trying new foods. There is something about trying foods and finding things you like. I love treats too but not too much. I like to just have enough to curb my sweet tooth. So when I stumbled upon Pillsbury Sweet Moments a few months back because I had a coupon for them I thought yummy brownies and cheesecake bites sounds good. I feel in love with them. They were perfect bite sizes so I didn't overindulge and still had my sweet treat. A couple weeks ago I received a email that told me they are now introducing 2 new flavors of Sweet Moments and if I would like to try them first. I immediately was like heck ya lol.

The two new flavors Pillsbury Sweet Moments came out with are Raspberry Brownie Cheesecake and Caramel Brownie Cheesecake. Now that is some Sweet flavors there. I mean who doesn't like Brownies and cheesecake haha. The best part is they come in a bag with about 12 bites size pieces in them so you can take one or two and save the rest for later. Plus they are very reasonable to buy. I know the Walmart by my house has them for $1.97 and coupons.com has a $1 off coupon right now so this is the perfect time to try them.

Me and my kids shared them and trust me my kids made sure I didn't eat to many since they made sure to finish up the bags before I could go back for more haha. The Raspberry Brownie Cheesecake was my favorite. The chocolate and the raspberry and cheesecake all together was absolutely heavenly. The Caramel Brownie cheesecake was delicious too. The gooey caramel and chocolate and cheesecake aaahhh that's the stuff to curb your sweet tooth trust me these little bites are packed with sweet goodness. So if you haven't tried them yet head to your local grocery store and try them today! You will love Pillsbury Sweet Moments!

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