Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yandy is the place for Adult Halloween costumes

 I don't dress up much for Halloween unless we do a Halloween party at our house. We didn't do one last year so I thought we might do one this year. It is fun to dress up once a year as anything with out being judge because hey it's Halloween and that's the fun part of it. This year I wasn't quite sure what I want to dress up as. So when I got the chance to review a costume from Yandy I couldn't wait to find me something I liked.
Yandy is an online shop that sells lingerie and sexy halloween costumes. Everything is very sexy and stylish! They have a huge selection of costumes and even offer same day shipping, for orders placed before 4 pm PST. They had so many to choose from I still couldn't pick one lol. So I decided since the prices were really reasonable I picked two which was still under the price for one some place else.
I got Sock Hop Sweetie costume because it was a little more conservative that I could wear around my kids but still cute and fun and flirty. I knew my kids would know what it is and it would be a very fun costume. This one came with the dress and the scarf and I love it. It fits perfectly. It is a really made costume as well. Alot better quality then I thought it was going to be. I am very impressed.
The second costume I got was Sugar Plum Fairy but in a lavender. This I thought would be cute and fun as well. This one didn't fit as well as the first one. I should of got a smaller size. The chest area was a little weird on it too. It is a adorable costume and I would of loved it if I got the right size. It came with the wings, the dress, and the 2 arm bands.

Overall I am very pleased with Yandy and their huge selection of reasonably priced adult costumes. I am excited to wear my Sock Hop costume for Halloween this year. I think this costume suits me well. Now all I need is a jukebox and a T-Bird lol! So if you are looking for a awesome costume for yourself then you got to check out what Yandy has. You will be glad you did!


Eva G. said...

I don't really dress up for Halloween any more, but my mom would get a kick out of this!

Unknown said...

These types of adult costumes are affordable and nice to look at.