Sunday, September 11, 2011

Zhu Zhu Pets Babies Home party and review

My kids are in absolute love with Zhu Zhu pets. They have the Kong Zhu pets, the Zhu Zhu princesses and now the Zhu Zhu babies. I have to say this is one brand of toy my kids have played with from day one and never get sick of. They are cute and fun and you can pretend all kids of stuff with them. They are even a huge hit with are kids friends and our neighbor kids.

We got the amazing chance to host a Zhu Zhu pets babies home party with my kids and their friends and they had so much fun. I didn't take many pictures since I was setting up the Zhu Zhu stuff and helping the kids and being  a mom ha ha. But I must say the kids had so much fun and played with the cute adorable babies and their regular ones for hours. The kids didn't want to leave and my kids didn't want to stop playing either. They played house with them and princesses and married their princes and had their babies. It was quite entertaining to watch the kids play and act and being kids. Us adults definitely laughed alot ha ha. I see all of Zhu Zhu pets being on the top of kids Christmas wish list this year and the babies will be ones they will want as well. So definitely check them out this year and pick them up early so the stores do run out of the ones your kids want.

I want to thank Mom Select and Zhu-niverse website for allowing us to have this awesome home party and facilitating us with the 7 zhu zhu babies, 2 babies outfits, the Dance recital play set, and 1 big zhu zhu pet and the great game idea and recipes to make our home party so much fun. Everyone had a blast and you bet more Zhu Zhu babies are on my kids want lists and their friends as well.

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Eva G. said...

Sounds really cute! :)