Monday, October 3, 2011

Nutrisystem nation- week 8

So its that time again for my weekly post about my Nutrisystem weight loss journey.Another week down Awesome! It is week 8 and I am feeling alot better this week. I tried to exercise more this week but still trying to really fit it into my schedule. Studying for Midterms this week and a mom's lovely errands and chores as well so it ought to be a fun challenging week for me.
The food has been great. I love the pizzas, I like the Italian wedding soup, I love the chicken three cheese pasta, the desserts are yummy. So I dont have much to complain about this week. I was hungrier this week so that was a challenge. I tried really hard to stick to fresh veggies and fruits this week when I got he munchies and did pretty good with that. My new love this week is fish and chicken baked of course but great healthy protein. I am hoping to see alot of results this week!

Results so far
Starting 130lbs
week 1 128lbs loss of 2lbs
week 2 126lbs loss of 2lbs
week 3 127lbs gain of 1lb still down 3lbs overall
week 4 126lbs loss of 1lb down 4lbs since started
week 5 124lbs loss of 2lbs down 6lbs since started
week 6 123.5lbs loss of 1/2 lb down  6.5 lbs since started
week 7 123.5lbs no loss or gain down 6.5 lbs since started
week 8 123lbs loss of 1/2 lb down 7 lbs since I started
So not alot of weight loss but it is still weight loss to me. I know though my clothes are fitting alot looser and I have to wear a belt with my pants now because they fall off if I dont so that is a great feeling. I have also lost 3 inches in my waist, 2 inches in my hips, 3 inches in my thighs and 2 inches in my chest. In a 8 week span that is awesome. I feel proud! My goals this week is continue to stay on track food wise and then make sure to exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes. Hopefully next week I can lose a pound or two fingers crossed!
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