Friday, October 14, 2011

Z-Access Display Frames- 3D frames review

School is back in session and the kids are starting to bring home ark works like those gorgeous noodle necklaces and clay umm thing-a-ma-jigs lol. So what do you do with all the art works they bring home that you can stick to the refrigerator? Well Ill tell you! Its called Z-Acess Display frames.

What are Z-Acess Display frames you ask? The are awesome picture frames that can hold all shapes of things you want to show off. They are 3D frames. Say you have cute first pair of shoes from your kids you want to save and show off just throw them in this frame, seal and done a adorable 3D picture you can place on a shelf and show off. Make a collage out of the noodle necklaces, clay work, flowers and etc. that your kids give you in this flexible frame. It molds to whatever you put in it and makes a gorgeous unique artwork that you will cherish forever.

We have loved this! It makes art so much cooler for my kids to see their stuff displayed instead of put in a box and never seen again. It was easy to use and a hit with the family. I think this is a great grandparents gift for Christmas! I think we will be getting more and letting the kids fill them with their artwork to give to them this year and I know they will love them and cherish them.

Product info:
With the Z-Access™ Display Frame, showcased treasures can be seen and felt from a variety of angles, while staying safely protected from moisture, dust and fingerprints – an interactive display experience display cases made with rigid glass or acrylic can’t offer! What sets the Z-Access™ Display Frame apart from traditional frames, display cases and shadow boxes, is its clear flexible frame inserts which gently conform around objects placed between them. The puncture-resistant, dual inserts fit securely within the hinged frame enabling treasured objects of virtually any shape, to be suspended in full view. Don’t let those treasured life memories stay tucked away another day, proudly share them with your family and friends by prominently displaying them in the Z-Access™ Display Frame today!

So if your looking to display your cherished items instead of throwing them in boxes or a unique present for someone you should definitely check out Z-Acess Display frames. You will be glad you did! They are very affordable as well so you can stock up!

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