Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 12 Christmas Gift Guide- Paper Jamz Pro Microphone review

It's the season to be jolly and sing Christmas Carols. Ok well not everyone but my kids love to sing and do music. Honestly I cant say they always sing the best but they try haha. I found the perfect gift for Christmas this year for them that they will love it is Paper Jamz Pro Microphone. I know they will love it!

Product info:
Never be embarrassed to be sing in public again. With the Paper Jamz Pro microphone, anyone can sound like a star! Go solo and create your own hit songs or add songs from your own music library to sing like your favorite artists.

• 5 voice effects help you sing like a pro
• Auto mode to automatically adjust voice effects in real time
• Expand your set list with songs from your own collection
• Effects amp attaches to microphone and has built-in speaker and convenient belt clip
• 2 preloaded songs get you started on the road to pop stardom
• Store up to 3 songs at a time
• USB cable included

I love that this does so much! The voice effect will be a hit for my kids and for me lol. I love that it comes with some songs already but that you can add more of your favorite tunes. I see Taylor swift song in the future haha. Yep that's my girls for ya haha. This is something I wish I had when I was a kid. My kids will love it and be putting on concert for me I am sure of it. So if you have a singer in your family be sure to pick up Paper Jamz Pro Microphone for Christmas. It is a hot toy this Christmas season along with all of Paper Jamz other instruments and products!

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