Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 2 of the Christmas Gift Guide- Welcome Home Brand Holiday paper bakeware review

I don't know about you but I know I do alot of cooking during the holidays. But I don't always do baking just for us. I also do alot of baking of treats and goodies for gifts for friends and family. The problem I have though is finding cute serving or packaging for these type of gifts until I found Welcome Home Brands Paper bake ware. What is this you ask well let me tell you!
Product info:
Wrap up the holidays in style with the festive new Holiday Paper Bake ware Collection from Welcome Home Brands. Oven-safe paper bake ware replaces metal bake ware with style and gives the home baker the convenience of baking, serving, storing and freezing, all in one form. Now, giving the gift of home baked muffins, cakes, pastries and candies is even more personalized.

Easy to use, simply pour the batter in the paper mold and slip it into the oven. Smaller items, such as cupcakes, can be placed on a baking sheet to make them easy to move in and out of the oven. When finished, the baked goods are ready to enjoy.
My Opinion:
We got a couple of them to try out. At first I was like hmm we bake in these really? But yes you bake in the paper bake ware. I thought this would be interesting. I got a bundt cake one, a cupcake one, a mini loaf one, a loaf one and a mini square one. I immediately thought the bundt cake one would be perfect for the Christmas party to make a nice angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream in the festive Santa  paper bake ware. The loaf one I was think some orange cranberry bread. The cupcake one I was think chocolate molten cake. The mini square one I thought this is perfect for some fudge and for the mini loaf one as well. I had a plan and thought immediately this would be adorable packing with a clear plastic wrapping to give my neighbors and family members. I did want to try them out before using them for gifts though because who wants to have a bad gift. That would be embarrassing! So I decided to try the cupcake one because mmm chocolate molten cake is so yummy.

It was very easy to use I put it on a cookie pan and poured the batter into the paper bake ware then added a yummy piece of chocolate in the middle for extra chocolate goodness. I put it right into the oven and when it was done I pulled it out and let it cool. The paper withstood the oven and still looked great and presentable. The cupcake came out easily and didn't stick too bad. Which was surprising to me being that it was paper.
Overall I was impressed in how easy they were to use and how cute they looked for the holidays. I think this will add just the flare that my baked good gifts will need to show the holiday giving spirit. So if you do bake goods for holiday gifts you should definitely check out Welcome Home Brands Paper bakeware. It will save you time and money and make your bake goods look more festive!

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