Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The True Story of Puss' N Boots review

My kids love the Shrek movies and love Puss in Boots. So they are so excited for the new Puss in Boots movie to come out. Then we heard there was a The True Story of Puss' N Boots starring William Shatner already out and was returning to DVD Oct.4, 2011. I got the chance to review it and my kids were excited but were a little disappointed when it wasn't the new one but wanted to still watch it.

It’s about a farmer’s son who inherits a cat. The farmer’s son is in love with the princess that loves to sing and dance. However, the evil court jester wants the princess too and is doing everything in his power to get her. The cat’s is a little odd, well all the charachter’s are a bit odd.But he does keep his promise to get the two together and they all live happily ever after.

After reading the synopsis we thought this could be cute and funny. It was 79 minutes long. My kids actually sat and watched it. They said it was OK but really just OK. It kept them watching the whole time but I could tell it was nothing like the Shrek movies. They didn't have alot of funny parts and it was a bit boring in some parts. Overall we are glad to have seen it but its not something we would watch again unfortunately. Its definitely not entertaining enough for the younger kids but if you have older kids they might like it.

So if your kids love Puss' N Boots you should check out this movie. I would love to hear what you think of it too. You can find it at Amazon, and most stores that sell DVDs.

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