Monday, December 19, 2011

Petal's Table chocolate bark review

Are you looking for something yummy to send as a gift to someone special or even yourself? I got just the thing. Its Petals Table's White chocolate bark. I got a a chance to try this stuff out and I must say it was heavenly. I am lucky because my husband doesn't like white chocolate so I got to eat it all myself since I hid it from the kids haha. But there is a milk chocolate bark for those who don't like white chocolate. I loved it! The chocolate was rich and creamy. I loved the golden raisins, cranberries, almonds, pecans and more. I must say a small piece of this will certainly curb your sweet tooth. This would make a great gift or addition to a gift basket. It is definitely different then most of the other chocolate barks I have tried and tasted! Best part it is very reasonable priced at $10 for such a heavenly treat!
Company info:
Petals Table is a web-based company that offers preserves, truffles, infused oils and vinegars, dipping oils, cookies, marshmallows and more. We use the best ingredients and make everything by hand. We also offer customized gift boxes and baskets using only our products.

We use as much recyclable products as possible. Our preserves come in mason jars and infused vinegars and oils in glass flasks which can be re-used. The gift boxes and baskets are also meant to be used again. These are quality items which can be used throughout your own home. Check them out on Twitter and Facebook and head over and pick up your chocolate bark and some of their other awesome products and goodies!

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