Wednesday, July 18, 2012

GazziliWords Apple App review

I love finding fun learning apples for my preschooler. You know while your shooping or at doctors or where ever you want your little one to be good and relax this is where great apps for my iPod come in handy for me. I let her play it while I get things done. I love knowing she is being good and learning at the same time. So when I found GazziliWords App I was excited to see it was a learning app and cheap well free right now.

So what is it all about? Ill tell you! Colors & artwork. Music & sounds. Friendly, hands-on activities. GazziliWords is a multi-sensory learning experience. Early childhood educational experts from Stanford University and New York City’s The Dalton School helped develop GazziliWords to ensure its educational benefits.

--24 interactive read-along and play-along learning activities available now. 
--Child selects a word, which is then described in the trademark GazziliWords style. 
 --Child interacts with the app to build a deep understanding of each word’s definition. 
 --Delightful interactive animations, music, sound-effects, and surprise features. 
 --‘Read To Me’ mode to hear definition/story read aloud.
 --'Hearing Impaired' mode 
 --Try the first 3 GazziliWords for Free!

So if you want a fun app that your little one will love and you will to because they are learning and having fun check out GazziliWords App. My little 4 year old loves it! Two Thumbs up! Check out also the other Gazzili Apps as well they are great for other areas of learning like shapes and puzzles.

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Stacie said...

This looks like a great app.