Sunday, November 18, 2012

Xmas- Christmas Oranges DVD

Christmas Oranges

In a town not so far away and a time not so long ago, baby Rose was left at Greenwoods Orphanage, where Mrs. Hartley (Nancy Stafford) and the children under her care became the young child's family. But when tragedy strikes, Rose (Bailee Johnson) loses the only home she has ever known and is abruptly shipped to Irongates, a place that seems as cold and cruel as her previous home was kind. The strict headmaster, Mr. Crampton (Edward Herrmann), makes sure all children are punished for any infraction of his rules, but he is especially hard on Rose, who he immediately seems to dislike. When Rose learns that every Christmas Mr. Crampton's generous brother gives an orange to each child, she waits in eager anticipation. She's sure it must be the most delicious treat in the world. However, on Christmas morning, Rose is devastated when she learns Mr. Crampton is punishing her again. But Christmas is a time of miracles. Share a slice of Christmas sweetened with friendship in this poignant Christmas story based on a classic holiday tale.

My Review:
We love good family movies all of us can sit and watch as a family so We loved that Christmas Oranges was perfect for all of us to watch even the little ones. This movie was sad and a ultimate drama type movie. I love that it taught us the true meaning of Christmas and Christmas miracles. It was a great movie and recommend it to everyone this holiday season. It is a must see movie this holiday!

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