Friday, April 12, 2013

Tom's New Wicked Cool Toothpaste- all natural and kid approved

We love Tom's brand toothpaste in our house. My youngest girls love the silly strawberry flavor! My older ones though have grown out of the fruity flavors but are in that in between stage. They don't like the real strong minty flavors. So when Tom's came out with the new Wicked cool mint flavor my older ones couldn't wait to try it!

 NEW Wicked Cool! fluoride toothpaste has a mild sweet mint flavor that my kids love. I love that Wicked Cool! toothpaste is ADA Accepted to help prevent cavities, and it also strengthens enamel and freshens breath. And like all Tom’s kids toothpastes, it has no artificial dyes, sweeteners or flavors. I also love that my kids breath is fresh and their teeth look clean and my kids say it leaves them squeaky clean.

So if you are like me and like products with more natural ingredients then you have to try Tom's Wicked cool toothpaste and all their other awesome products as well! You will be glad you did! They are located at stores everywhere like Walmart, Target and more. You can check Tom's out on Facebook too! So are Natural ingredients important to you and your family? I'd like to know.

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