Friday, May 24, 2013

Steri-Bottle the disposable recyclable baby bottle

With my last 3 kids I used bag bottles. You know the ones with the throw away bags you put in them. I liked them because they were disposable, easy to clean and sterile. They just seemed so much safer and healthier since it was like a new bottle every time. So when I heard about Steri-bottle I was intrigued.

Steri-bottle is the original disposable baby bottle, offering unmatched convenience when traveling on an airplane or long road trip! It is also the perfect baby shower gift! No washing, no sterilizing- just open the box, fill, feed, and recycle! Each bottle is ready to use, BPA-free, phthalate free, and made in the USA.

I thought that was so cool and handy! You dont always have a bathroom or kitchen to scrfub a bottle and clean it. So having a bottle that is ready and then just throw it away when your done is perfect. Plus if your worried about the waste they are fully recyclable so green! Yay! I just can't believe all the new and cool baby products that have came out since my last baby. I love finding great products like these to give to my nieces who now have the babies. I know my niece will love these bottles as much as I do for her new little girl coming in August. Best part is you can pick these awesome bottles at Babies R Us stores. So if you have a little one or know someone that does you have to get them a Steri-bottle.

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