Friday, July 19, 2013

AlternaVites Kids Vitamins- new way to get their vitamins

If your kids are like mine then you have some picky eaters and some that eat like a bird and maybe a few that are great eaters. I worry though if my kids are getting all the vitamins their little active bodies need from just the food they eat. A majority of people and kids are not getting their daily recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals from what they eat. That's why there are multi-vitamins! My kids are picky with vitamins though. They hate the chew-able kind because they taste chalky and gross. They love the gummy ones but to me they don't have alot of vitamins in those plus so much sugar in the gummies. So when we got the chance to try AlternaVites for Kids you bet we wanted to try them.

AlternaVites Kids are vitamins that melt on your tongue, no water needed- like a pixie stick. They can even be mixed into a refreshing summer smoothie or yogurt, and they have a taste that kids love. AlternaVites Kids come in small packets that are extremely travel friendly. Unlike gummy vitamins, they are free of sugar, aspartame or high fructose syrup, artificial flavors and preservatives and don’t contain major food allergens. Perfect to take during a summer vacation or just for everyday use! Plus they are so easy to use and fun too.

My kids were immediately intrigued! They thought it was a treat or something and when I told them it was vitamins you could see their little faces turn to wonder lol. There were two flavors, Raspberry Cotton Candy and Strawberry Bubblegum. We loved the flavor choices. My kids absolutely adore these. They loved pouring them on their tongue. I also did smoothies with them and it was wonderful to know they didn't realize they were getting their vitamins and it tasted great. The best part is they are the same price as most vitamins out on the market. You get 30 packs for around $15-16 bucks. I spent more for many other brands that my kids liked so this is great for me. So if you want to make sure your kid is getting the vitamins they need a easy, fun and tasty way check out AlternaVites.

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