Thursday, August 15, 2013

Lookie Lous- Reading glasses/ headband

Do you or anyone in your family wear or need reading glasses? Do you also notice that you lose them or don't have them when you need them? Well so did Kelly the inventor of Lookie Lous and she came up with a solution! This is where Lookie Lous came in.
These new reading glasses also substitute as a head band this way you put them on your head or hat and you always have them when you need them. They are hard coated for scratch resistance, weigh less than a ounce, UV rated, made from flexible polycarbonate, made in different magnifications from 0.0 to 2.0, and best part is they are handmade! Plus they are kind of stylish too. So whats better then stylish glass that are with you always and making you able to read when you need it? Nothing lol!
We got a pair in Vegas Violet and I love them. Well if I can keep them away from my 5 year old lol. Me and 3 of my kids needs reading glasses so these are great. Especially with school starting soon. These are great for kids that are nervous about reading glass at school and getting teased. Now they can wear them as a headband and just slide them down to read then back up. Kids will think they are neat instead of strange. I think they are great! So if you need reading glasses I would suggest you check out Lookie Lous.

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