Friday, August 30, 2013

LOREX Baby Sweet Peek monitor- review

Being a mom to six and a aunt to many lol I worry about all the kids and babies safeties. I mean not only the health safety but stranger safety too. Now I had a few kids that were born early and one that stayed in NICU for over a week on oxygen and the CPAP because her lungs werent ready. I remember the first couple of nights I didn't get any sleep because I was watching her to make sure she didnt stop breathing. I heard so many horror stories about SIDS and I didn't want nothing like that to happen. Then with my other kids after watching news about people breaking in in the middle of the night and kidnapping the kids and babies I was scared to death to let my kids sleep in other rooms. This is where LOREX Baby Sweet Peek Moniter is awesome for.

 LOREX Baby Sweet Peek monitor is a baby moniter that is also a video camera so you can keep a eye on your baby ev are  the key features the great 2.4" portable LCD monitor, 8 hours battery life, Crystal clear night vision, crisp sound, two way talk, night light and my favorite is the soothing lullabies. Plus digital zoom and a 450 ft. outdoor wireless range. You can even expenad up to 4 cameras. Honestly not only is this a great baby monitor it is a great nanny cam and security camera. I mean with all this features and how well it actually works I have not found another like it for under $500 but this one goes for about $150 online. That is amazing.

So if you are like me and want to know your kids are safe and secure you have to check out LOREX Baby Sweet Peek Moniter. You can find them on Facebook, and Twitter as well. So head over and check it out trust me you will love this and it is so worth the investment!

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