Friday, September 13, 2013

Fun Friday crafts- DIY Chalkboard Mason Jar candle

1 Mason Jar
1 Baby Food Jar – yes, baby food. It’s a jar and super cute!
Painter’s Tape
Sharp knife
Black Chalkboard Spray Paint
Baker’s Twine or other rustic twine

1.Place a strip of the painter’s tape on the jars and draw a heart. Using your knife, cut around the heart and remove the excess tape, leaving the heart taped to the jar.

2.Take your jar and your spray paint to a well ventilated area (meaning outside) and spray the jar(s) evenly. Let the jars dry. It won’t take long. Once dry, take the sharp point of your knife and carefully remove the painter’s tape heart.

3.Once thoroughly dry, use the chalk to trace little dotted lines around the heart. Take the baker’s twine and wrap around the top part of the jar and you’re done!! Now you can place candles in the jars, or, an even better idea are those flameless candles that will last all night and be safe too!

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