Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The 250 Best Cookie Recipes

by Esther Brody

About the book:
Cookies are usually made with straightforward ingredients and are very versatile. They can be eaten at your leisure, and when you’re on the run it’s great to grab a few to enjoy later. Perfect for coffee breaks, snacks or desserts, most of these delightful recipes are easy enough for even a novice baker to attempt. With 250 recipes to choose from, you’ll find an extraordinary range of cookies for every occasion and for everyone from young to old. The recipes are broken down into easy-to-find-and-follow sections: Drop Cookies, Hand-Shaped Cookies, Sliced Cookies, Biscotti, Sandwich Cookies, No-Bake Cookies, and Holiday Cookies. And with cookie swaps becoming so incredibly popular, choosing just one recipe will be really tough. Helpful baking tips are featured throughout the book, as are ingredient methods (for example, the correct way to melt chocolate), storage methods and even a cookie troubleshooting section. If you love to bake (and eat!) cookies, this is an absolute must-have for your kitchen.

Our opinion:
We love making cookies. Me and my girls make cookies and treat alot. We love this book because the recipes are easy and so yummy! This is definitely a great book with many many great cookie recipes! We love the Shotbread recipe, the No Bake Cookie recipe and many more. This is a must have book if you love cookies so pick it up today you will be glad you did!

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