Monday, October 14, 2013


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Despite the prevalence of migraine, tension and cluster headaches in the Western world, headaches still challenge the medical community. While there is no one cause or a specific cure, recent evidence-based research has shown that these headaches are associated with high levels of histamines in the body, and these can be managed effectively through diet and nutrition.

The Complete Migraine Health, Diet Guide & Cookbook presents this histamine hypothesis as a way for you to understand your headaches and leads you through steps intended to help prevent your headaches, avoid headaches altogether, or rescue you from your headaches when they occur.

The Migraine Free Program will help you to:
• Identify the signs and symptoms for migraines, cluster, and tension headaches
• Discover the triggers that cause headaches
• Understand the medical tests for diagnosing headaches
• See the various treatments traditionally used by physicians and other healthcare providers, including the use of prescription medications, physiotherapy, and surgery
• Weigh the benefits and risks of alternative treatments, such as acupuncture, body-mind medicine, and medicinal herbs
• Understand the role of nutrition and diet in the management of headaches
• Adopt a healthy meal plan that focuses on enjoying antihistamine headache foods and eliminating foods that increase the risk of headache
• Select from among 150 recipes as you develop 30-day meal plans.

My Opinion:
Coming from a family where there alot of migraine sufferes this book is great to have. It has tons of help ideas and lots of yummy food recipes. It even tells you stuff to avoid that can trigger migraines. It is such a handy book to have if you or someone you love suffers from these terrible headaches! So pick up your copy today!

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