Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Universal Baby Bottle and Sippy Cup Organizer

If you are like me then sippy cups or bottles have taken up your kitchen cabinets. I swear we are constantly losing cups and buying new ones which I thought meant we are evening out but apparently they cups are just growing and growing. So when we got the chance to try out the Universal Baby Bottle and Sippy Cup Organizer you bet I couldn't wait for organization to come back to my cabinets.

The Universal Baby Bottle and Sippy Cup Organizer stacks baby bottles and dispenses them one at a time. The organizer rests at an incline so a new bottle is dispensed instantly once one is taken. They are dishwasher safe, compact and adjust to accommodate different sized bottles as the child grows.

I loved that this was already put together all I had to do was clear the cups out of my cabinet and slide this in. I was able to put about 10 sippy cups in this and then the little basket held all the lids and spout things. I loved how organized everything is now and my cabinet loooks so much better. This is a great organizer. So easy to use! You will love it! So check it out and pick up yours today!

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