Monday, November 18, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide- Joke gifts: Prank Pack

There is always that one family member that loves to pull pranks and tell jokes. You know the one. My nephew was that person in our family. He loved tricking us and being a goof ball. He definitely was the entertainment whenever he was around. Every year I loved finding ways to trick him on Christmas and Birthdays. So when I heard about Prank packs I had to check them out.

Prank packs are hilarious gift boxes that look like those crazy infomercial products that nobody wants.  Now they are just a box and you put their real present inside the box and wrap it up. When they open it they see a box for something like the Crib Dribbler or Pet Petter or even the I Arm. They are gonna look at you like your crazy for buying them something like this but when they finally decide to open it and find their real gift they will realize they were pranked. Everyone will laugh and get a kick out of these and I love seeing the priceless face when they open their presents lol.

These Prank Packs would make perfect Christmas presents even better for those wild and crazy pranksters in your family. So head over and check them out today and pick some up. There are different designs to chose from so theres bound to be one that is perfect for your loved one.

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