Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Christmas Gift Guide- #Shark Rocket Ultra Light Upright Vaccum- Womens gifts

I am a mom to 6 kids and I also have 2 cats which are also like my kids, then I also have a really messy husband so cleaning is a everyday chore for me. My old vacuum had really just bit the dust. The hose was all smashed up and it just didn't get the job done anymore. So on the top of my Christmas wish list was a good vacuum. I mean that may sound weird when you are looking for a gift for your wife, mom or whoever but when you have to clean as much as I do then a great vacuum is a life saver and time saver. That why I wanted one as a gift this year. So when Shark asked me to review their new vacuum I was in absolute heaven.
I got the new Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Upright ($179.99 MSRP) and I absolutely adore it. Some of the great features I love about it is that it was so easy to put together. Literally 2 snaps and done. Plus I loved all the attachments so I can clean everything with just this one vacuum. I also love how small and light this vacuum is. I was a little worried it wouldn't be able to handle my messy family but boy was I wrong this ultra-light vac outperformed my old full-size upright big time. It weighs just 8 pounds which is great because I have really bad wrists to push and pull around a heavy vacuum.
The Shark Rocket is designed to equip users with the ability to swiftly transform between an upright and handheld vacuum. The slim, easy-to-use vac delivers a never loses suction power and a motorized power head to deep clean carpets better than a full size Dyson vacuum. The handheld vacuum is ideal for cleaning stairs, cars or other small messes, and hard to reach above floor projects or under furniture spills are no longer a challenge to clean with the Rocket vacuum. I was able to vacuum under my couch and between my end tables without moving them which was awesome.

 Additional Shark Rocket features include: 
*Enhanced Swivel Steering and a low profile nozzle delivers “go anywhere” versatility.

*Dual Power Settings makes it easy to go from bare floors to carpets and rugs.

* Dust-Away™ Attachment with Microfiber Pad: Completely capture dust particles from all bare floor surfaces by vacuuming large debris and picking up fine dust.

* Crevice Tool: 12 inches of extended reach for hard to reach spaces.

* Dusting Brush and Pet/Upholstery Tool

*wall mount for convenient storage.
I absolutely love this vacuum. My floors are 100 times cleaner since I been using this vacuum. I love that I can clean my ceiling fans, curtains, and hard to reach areas with this great vacuum. I also am in love with the dust mop attachment. I also love that even though this is so small I can vacuum my entire house and only dump the collection tank once. The only thing I would even remotely change is I wish the collection tank removed from the vacuum for easier dumping. But even with that the hand held part comes off easy then I can just hold over the trash push the button and dump the dirt. So its not to hard. One other feature I love is the long cord. My other vacuums always had short cords so I would have to unplug and replug as I vacuumed now I can vacuum the whole upstairs and never unplug it.

Overall this is a awesome Shark Rocket for a low price. You wont find a better deal for the awesome quality of this Shark vacuum. So pick your up today! It will make a awesome Christmas present for that special someone in your life and it will make there life so much easier. So trust me when I say a great vacuum is a perfect gift this holiday season!

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