Monday, November 4, 2013

Some Great Christmas gift for the little ones- Gift Guide for Kids

Halloween is over and now it is time to think about shopping for everyone int he family for Christmas if you haven't already started. Over the next couple of weeks I will post some reviews and ideas that make awesome presents this year for everyone that you have to shop for. The first couple gift ideas I have are for the little ones in your life whether your own children, your children's friends or nieces, nephews, grandchildren and etc.

Now if your kids watch even a little TV they see the infomercials that they start asking you to buy. They only thing is are they worth it or not?  Well I got the chance to try 3 of some of the most popular kid wanted TV items. Now I will tell you about them and if they are worth buy for this Christmas.

 The first one is the Bright Light pillow. My kids seen this and went goo goo gaa gaa over it. Mom I have to have it! If you haven't heard about them yet they are a pillow that is like a night light and glows. Bright Light Pillows are the ultra plush, ultra fun pillows that light up in a rainbow of colors. The soft, magical glow of each design’s multi-colored LED lights make this pillow soothing enough for kids to fall asleep with and visually cool as room decor. With an easy-on switch, there’s even a built-in 15-minute auto shut-off. Bright Light Pillows are available in Starlight Square or Twinkling Star, and a special limited edition Beach Ball. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). For ages 8 and up.

My kids were excited to try this out. It was incredibly soft and comfortable to lay on. It was a great size. I love the 15 minute shut off so it doesn't waste the batteries while they are sleeping. It was so easy for them to turn on in middle of the light if they woke up. This is great for the kids that still need a little light at night to be comfortable. I think the Bright Light Pillow is a definite great thing to buy this Christmas for the special little someone!
The next one is the Ice Cream Magic. Now we have two slushy magics that my kids love and actually do work just with a little more shaking then I thought. So of course my kids had to have the Ice Cream Magic as well. Ice Cream Magic is the first, personal Ice Cream Maker for all ages! Moms can control the ingredients, from heavy cream to low fat cream, flavors – while the bowl size is the perfect size to keep portions in control. All you do to make it is add ingredients and shake it and in just 3 minutes your kids can enjoy the soft ice cream they made themselves. You can add sprinkles, fruits, any topping to make a perfectly fun treat that’s fun to make and eat with this great year-round snack-tivity! The Ice Cream Magic kit comes with an outer cone, a freezing bowl, a lid, and a swirl cap. There’s even a little measuring scoop and Recipe Guide. Ice Cream Magic makes an adorable and convenient serving dish for any ready-made ice cream, too. Available in Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry swirl caps, Ice Cream Magic is $9.99 each and at fine retailers everywhere. For ages 4 and up.

This one was a interesting one for us. We tried all kinds of recipes and had fun with it. The only down fall was my kids got tired of shaking it for the 3 or so minutes until it sets up. This now meant I had to do the shaking. It isn't hard by any means and is tasty and fun just takes work which my kids are to lazy to give lol. Still a fun gift for Christmas and would be something great for under the tree or a Santa exchange gift thing!
The last one we tried was the new Flipeez hats. My youngest loves beanie animal hats. She has quite a few already so when she seen these on TV she made this a big thing on her Christmas list! Flipeez are the fun, fanciful, animal action-hats that let kids of all ages “flip their lid”! From the makers of Stompeez, the 2012 pop-when-you-walk slipper sensation that sold 4 million units in 6 months, Flipeez are destined to become this season’s next BIG thing! Available in 4 fun and colorful styles – Kitty, Monster, Monkey, and Puppy. Each of them has its own distinct “action”. Arms open or tails wag with a simple squeeze of the puff-ball in the tassel. Flipeez boast a super soft inner fleece lining and knit outer hat that allows one-size-fits-all flexibility. Whether you are 4 or 104, this functional fashion accessory is guaranteed to bring lots of smiles to everyone!
OK this are hit with all ages. I have seen them on 3 and 4 year olds as well as some high schoolers where wearing them and having fun with them. They are definitely flexible but don't lose their shape. My youngest loves hers and my oldest loves stealing it to wear sometimes too. They are easy to make the action happen so my daughter cant stop playing with it while its on her head. I love how colorful and fun they are. My kids love all the characters especially the monkey and cat. We are hoping they come out with a Owl one next lol. These would make another awesome Christmas must have and a great hat to keep their heads warm this cold winter as well.

Overall these 3 As Seen on TV kids wants this Christmas season have proven to me to be great fun buys and must have on that Christmas list you are starting to buy now. Not only are these sold online but I have found them at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid and more. So they are bound to be at one of your local stores as well for the same great reasonable price. So pick them up today!

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