Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Magical World of Sebella #book review- ages 7-11 and giveaway ends 1-10

Synopsis of book:
Sebella, a witch, lives in a house once owned by an infamous magician, where strange things often happen. While playing the game of Spooks, Sebella’s bratty cousin Prudence accidently knocks over a gargoyle statue, and it magically comes to life! The gargoyle’s red eyes torpedo into the fireplace revealing a secret opening. Out of the statue’s mouth flow these words… The All-Powerful Magician needs your HELP! He requests your services to SAVE the Castle! Succeed and win the Grand Prize.

 To save the Castle, so children can visit again, Sebella, Prudence, her friend Kendall, along with Sebella’s little brother Drac must first: Capture the Shadows, Tame the unruly dragons, and Vanquish the Villainous Mentalist.  Can they save the Castle? Will they win the Grand Prize? And who is the All-Powerful Magician requesting their help?

Our Opinion:
My 11 year old read the book and was pretty excited to read it. She is on a low level reading but this book was just perfect for her. She thought it was very interesting and read the whole book in a couple of days which is good for her because reading is torture for her. She absolutely love this book and her reading teacher was amazed at how well she read it and how fast. This is definitely a great book and I think most little girls would love this book even the ones that are not huge fans of reading. So get your copy today!

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Maegan Morin said...

I would give this book to my niece!