Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Check out these great cookbooks- #Casseroles, #Slow cooker, #Chicken #Glutenfree

So Summer is here and if your like me that means alot more cooking. The thing I hate most is summer heat along with a hot kitchen so anything I can cook in my crockpot or on the grill or that is extremely easy and fast is a must try recipe. So I got the chance to try out a few cookbooks and I love trying new recipes so this was alot of fun.

The first one was called Healthy Slow Cooker. It has more than 135 Gluten Free recipes plus tons of low fat, low calorie, and no saturated fat recipes. This way you can eat healthy and they are all made in your slow cooker or crockpot. This book alone has been heaven sent this summer. I love crockpot meals that I can throw it in the crockpot and then go about my day and come home to a yummy dinner. We have been doing alot of hikes and when we get home we are completely famished and tired and no one wants to cook so having this is awesome for those days. Some great recipes are Chili with black beans and grilled chicken, Ribs with hominy and kale, and I love the Scrumptuous Spinach and Artichoke dip. So if you love cooking in your crock pot check this book out.

The second one was 125 Best Chicken recipes. If you like me I am trying to eat healthier and get more protein. Chicken is a healthy protein but I didnt know many recipes and it gets boring fast but this book saved that. I could eat chicken every night of the week and never eat the same recipe now. Some of my favorite recipes are the Chicken and summer fruit kabobs, Orange Rosemary glazed chicken, and Curried Chicken and pasta salad. So if your a chicken lover you have to check out this awesome cook book.

Last book was 125 Best Casseroles and One Pot Meals. This book is a mom must have lol. Casseroles are so easy and kids always love them. One pot meals saves washing many dishes and that alone is a reason to get the book haha. There are so many easy and yummy recipes in this book it is hard to choose just a few but the Turkey and Corn Enchiladas are to die for. The kids love the Baked Tortellini and Three cheeses. We ll love the Cheddar Corn Impossible Pie. Really this book has something for everyone. It is a must have so check it out.

So there they are three amazing cookbooks so you can simplify your summer cooking and make more delicious recipes at home. Spruce up dinner and lunch and your family will love it. So check them out today!

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