Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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School is almost back in and we are all out there scrabbling to get that last bit of summer fun in and also out starting school shopping. It is a very hecktic time and it is harder to figure out what to eat and making sure it is healthy and that we are all getting in the nutrients we need. Thats where Vemma Nutrition company comes in to help you. They have some many different drinks for your whole family to enjoy and then you can relax and know even though you grabbed a burger for lunch you still got the nutrients you need.
Info From the Company: From toddlers and teens, to spouses and grandparents, juggling the nutritional needs for each member of your family can be quite difficult. As such, I wanted to introduce you to the Vemma Nutrition Company, a premium liquids leader that offers nutritious beverages the entire family can enjoy.
The Vemma Nutrition Company has a variety of beverages for everyone in your family:
  • Vemma Renew - an ultra premium beverage for moms who are looking to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails
  • Vemma NEXT - a nutritional 2oz beverage for children ages 2-12 years old
  • Bod.ē - a weight loss and meal supplement line for the dad (or mom) who loves to hit the gym and stay trim
  • Verve - a healthy energy beverage line for teens who need that extra boost throughout their grueling school days
  • Vemma Original - an ultra-premium antioxidant supplement ensuring grandparents they're getting the essential nutrients they need
I got the opportunity to try these out and give my opinion. The first one we tried was the Vemma NEXT which is suitable for kids 2-12. I made sure to serve it cold because honestly it isnt as appealing warm lol. It smelled like a orange pineapple juice. My kids drank it without any complaints and I didnt have to force them to try it so thats a good sign lol. I was glad it was healthy and contained alot of great vitamins and nutrients my kids need in their busy and active life. This was definitely a good thing!

Me and my husband tried the others . Vemma Renew wasnt too bad tasting and I was glad it wasnt too big either. It tastes great cold and it is small enough to chug if you have to. Since I only tried one I am not sure if it helped my skin ad hair and nails but I do know some of the ingrediants in it are proven to help those things so if taken regular I can see it helping. Verve smelled like a vitamin pineapple juice. Honestly I didnt like the smell at all but the taste honestly wasnt bad. It was very bearable. It was small enough you could sip it and finish it before it got warm or just chug it and be done. It did give me some natural energy with all the vitamin b6 and b12. I had no crash and no headache which was awesome. My oldest said she didnt really like the taste but it wasnt horrible and she liked she could chug it and it helped her get the boost she needed. I loved the Bod.e shakes, cleanse, and thirst and I wish I could try the bod.e burn now. I am a huge Chis Powell fan and these are products he uses and recommends. The shakes are tasty and keep you full for hours. I like to blend them with water, ice and a banana and it tastes like a shake. The thirst is great for those hot days you are out hiking and lose alot of your electrolytes. It will replenish them and make you feel rejuvinated.

Overall I am impressed with Vemma products that I have tried. Since I only tried one of each I cant say if some of the things they say it does is true but I know with some though I felt more energized and felt overall just better. So if your looking for something to add to your diets and to help make sure you and your family are getting the nutrients they need check out Vemma products!

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