Friday, October 24, 2014

The Bouqs.com Flowers are for everyone #flowers #BOUQLOVE

 It is that time of year to start thinking about gifts for the people you care about or that are important parts of your life. I know I have a hard time finding what to get the mother in law or mother and any other woman in my gift circle. Thats why I know every woman loves flowers. Honestly I know it sounds superficial but it's true we all love flowers. Seeing them on a table or counter or where ever makes us smile when ever we se them. It makes us feel special! Women are really easy to please lol. That why When I got the chance to check out Bouqs.com I couldn't wait to see what they had to offer and how pretty the flowers would be.
I got the bouquet Desperado which was to include 12 pink roses and purple dianthus accents. I couldn't wait to recieve them. When they arived about 2 weeks later they came in a small little box. They were very wrapped up. They were beautiful but you could definitely tell they weren't as fresh as I thought they should be but I didnt care I still loved them. I groomed off the hanging leaves and dying leaves and put them in a vase. I wish there would have been a few more dianthus flowers to accent it because I only got one sprig with 12 roses. I loved the rich pink color of the roses and the smell of roses in my house was nice. They lasted about 3 days then they were just drooping to bad so I decided to hang them and dry them so I could keep them forever. They made very pretty dried flowers for my flower arrangement. This was a $40 bouquet and it was very pretty but honestly I was a little disappointed that they weren't fresher. Not to bash the company because I have read many reviews and talk to many others who absolutely loved their bouquets from Bouqs.com so I think mine was just a fluke. So I think I am still going to get a few bouquets for the ladies in my life this Christmas.
Overall I think the bouquets from Bouqs.com are reasonable priced and they have a gorgeous selection to chose from. There is a bouquet for everyone. I love the new sunflower bouquet they are avertising on the site right now. So head over and check them out. I think you will be glad you do!

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