Thursday, January 8, 2015

Male Health & Testosterone Support by LES Labs #Review

Did you know there are many men out there that are low on testosterone? Well it is true and very common to go unnoticed. Some symptoms of low testosterone is fatigue, depression, weight gain, lack of sex desire, headaches and etc. Most people shrug it off as old age but sometimes it is a testosterone  deficiency. Did you also know there are alot of people who take testosterone supplements when they work out to bulk up muscle? Very true as well. This hormone is used for many good things.

My husband suffers from low testosterone and we do a month shot prescribed by the doctor to keep it in the low normal range. Its very expensive and painful. So when I heard about Male Health & Testosterone Support by LES Labs and found out it helps natural boost your bodies own testosterone we had to try it. Now there is no way to actually tell if it works since we haven't had a blood test to see if the levels increased or not but we still wanted to see what happens. So my husband started taking the pills once a day every day. We waited a few days then he said he started noticing a little more energy in his day. He wasn't sure if it was the pills but he was hopeful. After 2 weeks he did notice more energy and felt better the only downfall was his stomach was a little nauseas. So he stopped taking the pills and the nausea went away but so did the energy and mood. So overall we felt it helped but just wish his stomach wasn't so weak to taking them.

So if you are low on testosterone or are working out trying to gain extra muscle these supplements might be for you. They are definitely worth the try. So check out Male Health & Testosterone Support by LES Labs today. You will be glad you did!

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