Monday, July 13, 2015

Post update on the #GETMESSYGETCLEAN family event #madetomatter

So I posted a little bit ago about the #GETMESSYGETCLEAN family event at Thanksgiving point. It was a free event that had tons of fun earth friendly and organic activities and products. It was so much fun on a beautiful Utah day. If you made it I am sure you and your kids had a blast and if you missed it you really did miss out on a awesome event.
So why was it so much fun you ask? Well when me and my girls showed up we got front row parking. Then we walked in and got a amazing reusable bag to carry all our samples of amazing products. We first decided to paint some cute flower pots. We got the pots, some stickers, some plastic toys to decorate it, and some organic soil and seeds. My kids chose popcorn seeds, pepper seeds, cucumber seeds, and squash seeds. So now we got some awesome organic veggies growing.
After that my girls enjoyed the bounce houses and playing with bubbles. They got to see some fun and cute animals like dogs, kittens, parrot, turtle and more dogs. We definitely got messy and had to clean up at the cleaning stations around the festival with some amazing smelling hand soap by Mrs. Meyers. We also colored fun pictures and tried some yummy samples from Annie's , Justin's, Kind and Yes to. My girls had so much fun. there were all kids of yummy food trucks there as well. It really was a blast and we learned about some fun activities we can enjoy outside getting messy and safe ways to get clean without hurting our Earth and ourselves. I hope you guys got to go and check it out!

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